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The Health Care System Is Broken; what to do about it.....

As much as I detest being political before giving you Eight Steps To Good Health, I feel obligated to explain why taking charge of your health is so important.



Conventional medicine addresses health as "fixing the sick" instead of addressing the need for "keeping us well". Sickness is not the issue here. Yes, the health care in the U.S. is broken, but it's the approach to fixing it that is the problem.  The issue is not to spend more money on keeping us sick but on keeping us well in the first place. fh




(1) The public must have the right to learn the truth about what good health really is.  It is only after you start to feel good that you realize just what "feeling good" really means.

(2) Each of us needs to take more personal responsibility for our own health, and we need to help those we care about to do the same.

(3) All of us must stand up against the suppression of legitimate health practices.



Clearly conventional medical science has its place. If you're in a car accident, for instance, your nearest trauma center is a blessing that can save your life. However, to believe that you can create good health by taking drugs to mask symptoms is a dangerous pipe dream. It simply won't happen. So, what does make you healthy?

 Since the 1980s, there has been a concentrated effort by the pharmaceutical companies  to label anyone who doesn't sell or distribute drugs, promote or perform surgery or radiation as a quack. 

The modern medical system is now committed to branding virtually all serious competition to their flawed model of labeling, but what most people fail to realize is that this effort threatens a multitude of farsighted people who possess the priceless knowledge and understanding of the healing powers of the natural world.


There have been many discussions and testimonies from surgeons, MDs, pharmaceutical sales reps, high-profile patients and regular patients who have looked for a better way to achieve health.  All in all, conventional medicine, backed and ruled by the pharaceutical industry, is corrupt to the core and frequently does more harm than good while suppressing legitimate safe, effective alternative or complementary practices.


Eight Steps To Good Health


1.  Optimize insulin and leptin levels through minimizing your sugar, processed food and grain carbohydrates (bread, rolls, etc).  Replace them with healthy fats such as butter, animal fat, coconut oil, avocados, seeds and nuts. (Read more about the benefits of butter and red meat elsewhere on this site).


2.  Eat a healthy diet of whole organic foods, and pay careful attention to keeping your insulin levels down by avoiding sugar/fructose and grains.


3.  Drink plenty of clean water.  Avoid tap water if at all possible.  (See 8 Glasses A Day Not Backed By Science)


4 Get safe and appropriate sun exposure to optimzie your Vitamin D (I recommend Vitamin D3.  See the Vitamin Directory)


5 Limit exposure to toxins of all kinds.  (Toxins are plentiful everywhere which is why we must clean up the planet and keep it clean)


6.  Consume healthy fats and avoid processed fats because nearly all comercial vegetable seed oils are high in Omega-6 fats (These Fats are discussed at length elsewhere on this site)  


7.  Eat plenty of raw food.  The more raw food you consume, the more nutrients you maintain in your diet. (Raw vegetables are perfect as snack food)


8.  Get plenty of sleep.  (Sleep deprivation is so common among Americans that it has become a way of life)


The pharmaceutical industry, the food industry and even government itself do not make it easy for us to avoid garbage that ruins our health, but leading a common sense, healthy lifestyle is everyone's best bet to producing a healthy body and mind.  In addition, a healthy lifestyle will increase longevity - the kind where you spend your twilight years in your home not in a nursing home somewhere.


adapted by me from Dr. Mercola,, November 10, 2012


9.  Avoid Medical facilities whenever possible.  The germs and bacteria are all the reason you need to avoid spending anytime in a medical facility.  If you follow the eight steps above, you will advance your chances of avoiding the need for hospitals and doctor's offices.  fh


Conventional Medicine continues to fuel the continuation of a sick nation in this country (and somewhat less successfully abroad), but they always find a "scapegoat" to detract from healthy solutions.  


Chiropractors used to be labelled "quacks" by the medical community.  They were deemed "unscientific cultists" on a par with some of the most heinous criminals in U.S. history.  Why?


The threat of Chiropractors to conventional medicine  stemmed from their non-pharmaceutical approach to medical practices and, had the industry succeeded, one of the time-honored ancient healing practices could have been lost to us forever.


Thankfully, in 1984, the Supreme Court stepped in and ended the AMAs "illegal conspiracy" to 'contain and eliminate the chiropractic profession':"  


As a result, while the medical profession still  regards chiropractors as "quakes",  the current course is to go after those who would promote natural alternatives over prescription drugs.