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We Are Not Going To Live Forever                  

People tend to think they will live forever right up until a big enough illness arrives leaving them to question their immortality.  

Few will spend a dollar or a minute on their health, so as a result there is little money to be made in keeping us healthy.  

However, we spend everything we have or can borrow to get over being sick.  Naturally, no suprise the money is directed to keeping us sick and charging big fees to "cure" us.  

The question should be raised:  "What drug ever actually cured anything?"

Our Health Care Industry is run by doctors who haven't a clue about how to stay healthy. They're trained to look at symptoms, diagnose and use chemicals or knives to alleviate the symptoms but not the causes.

Medical schools don't teach health or sickness avoidance except for the use of vaccines.  With the teenager attitude of "living forever" so prevalent, one would like to think the attitude would change with age, but no such luck.  It only changes when that serious illness strikes, and then, some people refuse to take responsibility for their health even with a serious health issue in their life. 


Eat Raw Foods Without GMOS, Free of Factory Farming and Processing

Life could change from one with a questionable future to living a long healthy one.  We could probably close 90% of our hospitals and nursing homes, and we could move the retirement age to 92, and that's just for starters with a simple change in diet.

It could happen, but it won't because more of our youth are turning to smoking, drugs, alcohol and the violence that results.  Such destructive habits poison the body, and as the poisons accumulate, they destroy the immune system leading to a win for the existing medical profession and more of the status quo.  

The final word on a prospect for a healthy future is if you live for today and ignore the future, you will pay more of your retirement savings into staying alive than you spent in your entire pre-retirement.  This is not a future of which I would be proud to endorse, would you?

This article is an overview from "Never Say Die" by Wayne Green, Publisher, Ham Radio,  Amateur Radio Today, Nov 1995