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The Germ Theory of Influenza is a Diversion

Vaccines are the latest way to produce a drug that is cheap and can be presented to the country before it's needed as prevention in anticipation of a dreaded epidemic either hoped for or manufactured by pharmaceutical companies.  Vaccines have been, and are being introduced to the public and described as necessary protection for all kinds of ailments that could be taken care of with simple, common sense habits.


The number of vaccines recommended for children by the medical profession has tripled in the past three decades.  The short term financial costs to fully vaccinate a child, according to the current CDC schedule, may actually pale in comparison to the costs to a child's long-term health.  In 1985 it cost parents $80 to purchase vaccines for their children (plus the cost of a doctor's visit).  Today, it costs $2200 to purchase all government recommended and mandated vaccines for a child (plus the cost of office visits). 


The reason for this is that authorities continue to insist that "more is better" when it comes to vaccines without providing adequate scientific evidence to justify that assumption.  As a result, we are over-vaccinating our children and working to do the same to our adults, most notably our senior citizens.


While there is a huge debate as to the validity of autism related to vaccinations,  the New England Journal of Medicine published a 2002 population-based study from Denmark where its authors concluded, "This study provides strong evidence against the hypothesis that MMR vaccination causes autism."  That's one conclusion, but ask parents of autistic children who were raising happy healthy infants, and suddenly by the age of three, their child had begun displaying the symptoms of autism. 


More and more evidence is pointing to the realization that over-vaccinating of our children is leading to autism.



Is A Vaccination Worth The Effort?


Children, who are not vaccinated but are otherwise healthy, are sent home from school when a flu epidemic seems eminent in school.  The logic escapes me since, if vaccinations work, children who get them, should be safe from both the flu and the children who are not vaccinated.  This is not what happens.  If the children, who are vaccinated were sent home, the unvaccinated children would likely do just fine.


Furthermore, should a child get any of the childhood diseases that the medical and pharmaceutical industries are so anxious to prevent, they would do well to ride them out for the week or two of their contagious term.  Rest, plenty of water, and a light diet will take care of the child in due time, and a natural resistance to the disease in the future is usually established. 


The ingredients that comprise a flu vaccine may include:  egg embryos, mercury (a carcinogen), egg proteins, the antibiotics polymyxin and neomycin (known to be harmful to fetuses), beta-propiolactone (a disinfectant), formaldehyde, the toxic detergent Triton-X 100, ether and live viruses.  These ingredients are foreign to the human body and are triggers for disturbing the natural flow of the body's flora.




Avoid Sugar


Get Enough Rest




WASH YOUR HANDS - often and well


Consider Nutritional Supplementation - especially if your diet is not well-balanced