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Stimulants have been known to cause serious problems in children ranging from anxiety, insomnia, heart problems, emotional problems and more.  Aside from the standard medications, there are many treatments for ADHD that have shown results without "scientific studies".  The results have come from hundreds, if not thousands, of parents who have chosen them for their children.



ADHD is real.  The error is in calling it a disease.  Children, hyper-focused when they are interested and stimulated, do not have a disease or a disorder.  The following alternatives are intended to calm the activity within the child so they may function and live in a world that accepts them as they are.


1.  Diet Changes:  Elimination of sugar from the diet, along with supplementation of high quality proteins, have helped both adult and children ADHD sufferers.  This alternative alone can do wonders for the individual.  Getting the child to understand the penalties of eating sugar and processed food will be a task, and definitely an uphill battle.  Once the child understands how much better he/she feels, it will be worth all your effort.


2.  Behavioral therapy:  Learning how to improve behavior will go a long way to eliminating problems.


3.  Counseling:  Important step.  Many children "act out" due to emotional disturbance in their life. and counseling can identify these disturbances so the child can deal with them. 


4.  Family therapy:  Analyzing the family dynamics at work can be extremely revealing.  Some children can be helped by improved relationships between them, their parents and siblings.


5.  Biofeedback:  This is a promising newer therapy for ADHD.



What Diet Changes Should Be Addressed

You may decide the following changes are inconvenient or too much for you to apply consistently, then be prepared to  exist in a disruptive household or  with a drugged child.  Neither seem like good alternatives to me when,

with time and effort, you can make positive healthy choices.



As the first alternative points out, you must back off the sugar, and it's in everything.  A little sugar occasionally is possible, but the sweet tooth must be contained, and by no means should any kind of chemical sugar product be substituted.  (Splenda, HFCS, Trivia, Aspartame, etc.)


Cut back on grains. 


Avoid artificial dairy products.  More often than not, today's dairy products aren't real.  Ice cream is not; milk has additives; margarine is almost plastic. 


Buy natural foods. In other words, shop for fresh fruits and vegetables. 


Locate a local farmer who sells, free range chickens and beef for your protein.


Drink filtered water that contains no additives.  This eliminates buying bottled water or flavored waters.  Instead, purchase a good filter for your tap water, and you'll have all the water you'll ever want, and it will taste good too.  If you splurge and buy a reverse osmosis system, you will absolutely have to begin to take essential minerals to supplement for the "dead" water produced from an RO system.  Yes, it takes out all the bad stuff in water, but it also removes the good, and that's why I don't recommend an RO system.  has an excellent small countertop and under the sink system for a reasonable price.  It takes out the bad stuff and leaves the essential minerals.  Study all the information available on the site, and if you decide to purchase one,  put in our discount code, NB123 at the end of your order. 


Other Measures That Will Help


Get Rest.  A well-rested child is always a better behaved child regardless of ADHD or an all-A student. 


No TV an hour (minimum) before bedtime.  Encourage reading instead.


Apply Lavender essential oil to the feet as they lie in bed.  It is comforting and calming to the child, and also gives the parent a change to communicate with them.  Some interesting feelings can be revealed during these moments.  Other oils that may help are Bergamot, Roman Chamomile, Ylang Ylang, Marjoram sweet,  I recommend using high-grade, therapeutic essential oils for the best results.  Do not apply the oils without a carrier oil or lotion to help drive in the oil.


You must read labels very carefully.  Words, that you don't understand, are chemicals added to the food product. 

 >     Vitamins and minerals may be added but in such small quantities as to be nearly non-existent. Besides the vitamins are synthetics and, therefore, lack the nutrients you expect from the product (which is why only a quality vitamin supplement is recommended.  OTC vitamins are medium to low grade because of their unnatural ingredients).

 >   Be aware that just because the package promotes a healthy product, it doesn't mean that is what you'll find in the box.  This is why feeding your family processed foods is unhealthy.       

 >  Processed foods lack nutrients to build an immune system and a healthy body.

 >  Unfortunately, this advice will apply to your children's multi-vitamin as well.


I wish you the very best in raising your hyper-active child.  You deserve to be happy, and I hope I have provided a few steps that will take you in that direction.  ffh