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  • I PLEDGE:   I will "do no harm".  I will help when I can and refer when my knowledge does not allow me to advise correct and safe information.  I will always consider what is best in every given circumstance ahead of any suggestions that could prove detrimental to the person involved.
  • I will also speak to the injustice I see in our health practices that cause more questionable health for unsuspecting Americans that they deserve. 
  • My opinions are not held exclusively by me but are becoming more and more public as facts about health care in this country are revealed.  I am elated to think that we have a chance to put forth good health practices without being penalized for going against the approval of the government.  
  • We need government oversight, but not their  oversight is represented mainly with affiliated members from the pharmaceutical and medical industries.  In my opinion, there presence in important health decisions leave one to question their devotion to the public as opposed to their industry.  Their actions most often prove their industry is their first consideration and can only leave one wondering about their integrity.
  • The public must not depend on these agencies, the ads on TV nor exclusively on the doctor's recommendations.  The public must take the time to research what is good for them and what are their side effects.   Your lives depend on it.  
  • While you research your medications and eating habits, take the time to take a serious look at what the health practices are in other countries.  They do not pay as much as we do.  They are given better service, and they are ahead of the United States in general health care by many dollars and "sense".
  • Universal Health Care or One-Payer Health Care are not unrealistic.  Many other countries are using one form or another and using them to benefit their people very well.  Ask any of your foreign friends from countries that have one of these.  
  • The negatives that industries affected by the possibility of such plans promote are intentionally misguiding and putting unnecessary fear in Americans just as they did with Obamacare.  
  • The ACA a.k.a. Obamacare does work and would work even better if it hadn't had to fight the opposition to it, the cutting of funding, the lobbying of the industries who see their bottom line reduced although they have no positive proof of that happening, and we cannot forget the lack of bi-partisanship in politics.

In the end, it is up to us to take care of ourselves.  No one cares more about ones self than we do, so there is a choice.  It takes time and work to become wise to the workings of corporations who see people in terms of dollar signs and the rise in the stock market, but that need not be the factor that determines saving one's life, should it?

I wish you good health always.  f.